We understand you’re busy, and we want to make spreading the word about Co-Ops 4 Change as easy as possible.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Co-Ops 4 Change and the Cooperative Movement

 How Are Credit Unions Different Than Banks?

Credit unions are a 90 million member-strong industry built on the cooperative principles that focuses on members, not shareholders. It’s time to for the industry’s regulators to understand that difference.

Help us to encourage President Obama to nominate candidates to the NCUA Board who understand the cooperative business model by signing a WhiteHouse.gov petition.

What is the NCUA?

The NCUA is the regulatory and governing body for credit unions.

Why should I care about this petition?

The NCUA governs credit unions and, as a member of a credit union, its decisions directly impact the way that you’re served by your financial institution.

What is Co-Ops for Change?

Co-Ops for Change is a grassroots effort to generate some conversation and awareness about the application of Cooperative Principles in the NCUA leadership.

Over the weekend Co-Ops for Change started a White House Petition (made famous by the call for Super Bowl Monday holiday concept) to impress on the President that they believe the next NCUA Board Member should be well informed of and carry the banner for the Cooperative Principles. Here is a generic explanation of what the petition is all about.

They want an NCUA that understands what it means to be the regulator and the insurance manager for a Cooperative Financial Service Industry. To help with that culture they believe every director should have awareness of the Business Designs crafted as Cooperatives and that the NCUA should see Cooperative Regulation as a specialty and unique talent…how can one regulate Cooperatives without it? THEY WANT TO HAVE A INFLUENCING VOICE in ensuring the President has an approach and strategy for the NCUA, not just a nice place to place a quid quo pro appointee.

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