Credit Union Industry

Former credit union regulator seeks to reform the NCUA

(from SNL)

A former regulator’s grass-roots attempt to reform the NCUA has led him to seek the assistance of the industry, and the White House, as a catalyst for change.

Someone Needs To Take A Walk…

(from Jim Blaine on Credit Unions)

It’s time for a little pop quiz ! Let’s make it multiple choice to improve your odds at passing – OK?


Plausible Deniability…

(from Jim Blaine on Credit Unions)

You know what is so embarrassing about the way the “New-CUA” plays the plausible deniability game? The results…

Filson Calls for Cooperative NCUA

(from Jimmy Marks on CU Soapbox)

Filson encourages credit unions and their members to sign petition.

PSCU Supports Credit Union Industry Initiative for Transparent Process to Select NCUA Leaders Who Understand Cooperatives

(from PSCU on