Phase I – Finding Our Voice

Co-Ops for Change is a grassroots movement to draw attention within the credit union community and among elected policymakers to the need for regulatory leadership that supports cooperative principles. Credit unions operate democratically, a principle that is foundational to their structure; key regulator appointments should follow a similar process.

In its first month, Co-Ops for Change began building awareness of the new vision for how credit union regulators approach their supervisory role. To date, the campaign has collected some 6,000 petition signatures calling for leaders who support the cooperative business model. And it has also has highlighted the need for credit unions to educate and mobilize members, helping them find their voices on issues of common concern and interest.

Transparency in the selection process, along with experience, knowledge and understanding of credit unions’ unique role in the financial services industry will create a stronger, more effective credit union regulatory system. To accomplish this, we have three goals:

  • To reestablish cooperative principles as the foundation for the credit union regulatory system;
  • To provide credit union members and leaders an opportunity to demonstrate their support for leadership based on these principles; and
  • To advance the vision of a 21st century cooperative regulator.

The petition is no longer available on, however we have started our own petition to continue to fight for the cause. View and sign the petition.