Strategic Plan Vote Approaches, Reveals Need For More Time

Strategic Plan Vote Approaches, Reveals Need For More Time

The NCUA will be voting on the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan on January 23, 2014. While a 30 day period allowing time for review and public comment, many believe that an added 30 to 60 days would be useful in allowing the public to fully review and understand the document. On January 16, Victor J. Pantea, President and CEO of Pantea Consulting, submitted the following letter to Chairman of the NCUA, Debbie Matz requesting more time for all interested parties to review.

As the regulating body of the credit union industry, ensuring an ongoing cooperative dialogue is one of the ongoing duties of the NCUA. One of the tenets of the cooperative distance is democratic member control. Before NCUA votes on this strategic plan, the credit union community needs more time to evaluate this robust rule and ensure that it is passed in the true spirit of the cooperative system. Who better to vet the rule that the institutions directly affected by its tenets?

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