What’s Your Number?

I’m number 3. We need 100,000. Why are we only 1% of the way there?

By Alix Patterson

What's Your Numer?

It’s time to activate the power of our grassroots to advocate for credit unions. There are more than 263,300 credit union employees in America today. There are over 95 million members. Getting 100,000 signatures on the White House We The People petition should be a lot further along than it is.

I emailed, tweeted, and posted to friends and family. I can count at least 17 signatures as a direct result (that doesn’t include my fellow co-workers here at Callahan). 263,300 x 17 = more than enough.

Industry leaders, like Randy Karnes and Dave Doss, are diving in and asking their employees and their members to contribute. Kristen Christian, credit union advocate and Bank Transfer Day Founder, Kristen Christian, has announced her support. But we need more than support – we need signatures.

Coops4Change.org was launched to advocating for an open and transparent process in selecting NCUA leaders who believe in power of cooperatives. It’s that simple. It’s not political – we’re not asking executives to choose Republican or Democrat, this candidate or another.

Please help us spread the word. You can find social media tools on Coops4Change.org. CU*Answers has banner ads in four sizes you download and customize. If you need more, please email us at info@coops4change.com and we’ll help you get the word out to employees, members and anyone else interested in supporting cooperatives values. Want your own star? Click the I’m #3 image above to download the photoshop file so you can have your own numbered star.