Corporate Securities

Credit unions are the owners of the corporates.  In this capacity they received the “claim certificates for member contributed capital” from NCUA for the balances remaining after the NGN notes are paid.  To be able to act as owners, credit unions must have visibility about the status of their claim based on shared knowledge of the facts for each corporate.

The spreadsheets below list all of the legacy assets by CUSIP number of the five corporates closed by NCUA during the Great Recession?  What time period? Any investment security can be updated for  current principal value or loss by any visitor to the site.  Each proposed entry will be temporary until reviewed using Bloomberg or other expert market data.

Click on the credit union name or spreadsheet image below to access and update the spreadsheet. All entries will be reviewed within a 24 hour period.


Constitution Corporate Credit Union




 U.S. Central Corporate Credit Union



Southwest Corporate Credit Union



Members United Corporate Credit Union


WesCorp Credit Union


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