Podcast #2 Chip Filson & Doug Fecher

Co-Ops 4 Change Podcast #2: Chip Filson & Doug Fecher

The Co-Ops for Change movement is based on the goals of restoring cooperative principles as the core of the credit union regulatory system. Our goal is to do so by providing opportunities for credit union members and leaders to demonstrate support for these principles. In this podcast, Doug Fecher, President and CEO of Wright-Patt Credit Union, and Chip Filson, Chairman of Callahan and Associates, discuss the cooperative model, NCUA involvement and so much more.

For easier listening this podcast has been broken down into the following segments.

#1 – What’s the Regulatory ROI?

#2 – Can Innovation Fit Into a Regulatory Approach?

#3 – Banks and Credit Unions: Is There Really a Difference?

#4 – Can We Strike a Balance Between Risk and Service?

#5 – How Can the Regulatory Process Be Transformed?

#6 – Do Credit Unions Need an Ombudsman?

#7 – Really, Should Credit Unions Be Tax-Exempt?


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