Welcome to Co-Ops For Change

Welcome to Co-Ops for Change!

Co-Ops for Change is a grassroots movement within the credit union community.  Our purpose is to highlight the need for regulatory leadership that support cooperative principles. Credit unions’ “member-owner” democratic structure along with the six other principles are foundational to their success.  Regulatory oversight should align with these goals.

Co-Ops for Change has three objectives:

  1. To reestablish cooperative principles as the core of the credit union regulatory system;
  2. To provide credit union members and leaders the opportunity to demonstrate support for leadership based on these principles; and
  3. To advance a vision of a 21st century cooperative regulator which will enhance credit union’s contributions from their unique capabilities based on their different design.

An open and transparent selection process for regulatory appointments reaffirms cooperative principles.  It will encourage persons with experience, knowledge and understanding of credit unions’ uniqueness to speak openly about their hopes for the movement.

The effort to build awareness with a new vision for regulatory leadership began with a White House petition launched on February 28, 2013.  Almost 6,000 signatures were collected in the first 30 days.  Support was widespread with members, CEO’s, leagues, CUSO’s and citizens expressing their support.

The effort also highlighted the need for credit unions to create standing capabilities for educating and mobilizing their “grassroots.”  Co-Ops for Change’s phases are on ongoing process to help credit unions find and express their “voice” on issues of common concern.

To that end, we would like to know about YOUR credit unions’ perspective on NCUA exam and regulatory priorities. Take our survey to tell us what you think!




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